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NHS Staff Intranets

Typically people have bad experiences with their own corporate intranets, either past or present.

However, the NHS staff intranets are not those ordinary file sharing environments, these are critical digital gateways into everything a Trust staff member requires, whether booking patients onto specific care pathways via software applications or getting access to test results or other key management information


“Our NHS intranet is a valuable clinical and professional resource and I wouldn’t be able to do my job as efficiently and effectively as I can without it. The time I spend on the intranet varies from day to day but I would probably say I access it on average around ten times a day for five-ten minutes at a time and on some occasions for an hour or more. I also go through the intranet to access a quick link to the internet to take me to other useful external websites”

Sister Sharon EllisBlackpool NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS Trust public websites provide advertisers with the opportunity to associate their brand or service alongside the trusted NHS brand, whilst targeting the patients, families and friends engaging with the NHS in all regions

Typically these sites provide valuable information on specialist services, clinics and times, consultant lists, details of their hospitals and other key healthcare information for their local communities and population

NHS Public Websites

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