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We Understand NHS Trusts

At Fendix, we employ people who have worked at a senior management level in the NHS, so we understand the pressures and challenges the NHS has to grapple with.  Our model offers a revenue stream by monetising NHS online digital assets.  Fendix sells access and reach to the users of the staff intranets and public websites to generate advertising revenue. We work with each NHS partner to ensure it works effectively and efficiently, minimising the fuss and maximising the opportunity.  We have created simple processes to make joining the network as pain free as possible.

Once in the network, this gives a flavour of a simple 4 step process:


We source premium relevant advertising campaigns targeted to specific NHS staff audiences only


Each campaign is approved by the NHS


We manage the placement, delivery and reporting of performance on intranet or public website


We share the revenue with the NHS every quarter to use as they wish

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Trusts in the NHS Network
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Targetable NHS job functions
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It’s quick and easy to join. Request a meeting by calling our network team on 0203 026 1140 or email

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